Thursday, 28 February 2013

Seafood Allergy

It took us 3 years to finally know what our little guy is allergy of and it's the seafood. He often has this skin irritation all over his body since birth and all this time we thought he is allergy of nuts but we speculated it wrong. Just 2 nights ago when I noticed after he had half of the salmon fillet when he felt drowsy all of the sudden and gagging out then his eyes were swollen and so red. Plus, he was sneezing endlessly and itching all over. I could see his skin irritation got worst before it got any better. I panicked completely and rang my husband in Kenya to let him know and ask his help on how to deal with his allergy. Then he told me to calm down first and should ring NHS direct. I was totally paranoid and was out of control. Who could possibly look at a child in that pathetic situation and stay calm? First thing came in my mind is to dose him with Paracetamol then I realised I had bought this allergy medicine a while back when he had similar situation. So I gave him those as well as Calpol and also gave him a bath to wash off all the fish contact on his skin. Oh gosh, I was nearly having heart attack, I tell you. I'm really a nervous person and I'd panic before I can even think of any solution. Thanked to my husband who's always there for me - I don't know what to do otherwise. Even if he is away he's always making sure he is reachable as he knows how useless I am when it comes to stuff like this. Anyway, the medicine made him all better and thanked God for this healing power. Well, his breathing got a little better soon after he had the Piriton but his skin irritation stayed pretty much all night especially his left eye as it was still visible when we he woke up. So, never again I let him taste salmon or other seafood nor touch it. He disliked seafood anyway - he just ate because he copied his big brother. There were few times when I forced him to tasted of the fish meal I cooked and noticed that he really felt sick afterwards - so, should have took it as a clue but it didn't really occur to me to think that way as I was so determine that his allergies are from nuts. How wrong was I? Now I must be careful with him as he is my fragile little baby. Looks like we have to top eating seafood :( Duh! Just when I started my seafood diet.

Here's his picture few hours after he took medicine - yes, that bad that is why I was so scared!

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