Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Wireless Electric dog fence

Thanks to another glorious weather today that made me so productive. I was able to do lots in the morning with the house chores and ran errand in the afternoon with my little guy. Took him for a good 2 hours walk to the town and we're able to popped in at Home bargain to see if there were anything worth buying for my box (package) to Philippines. And unexpectedly saw this wireless electric dog fence and thought of my mother's dog back in Pinas. She could actually do one of this fancy dog fence so her dog will not be able to harm people who pass by. Few incidents happened and my Mum had to pay for rubbish injection and other cost of medications. So, I think it is best to invest for an electric dog fence. I'll sure go back there one of this day then I can ask if there is any stock left. I wasn't sure if I buy one today as I need to raise this idea to my mum first and know whether she is happy to do this.

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