Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Significant trip (first international flight)

I may sound bias but my son were so good in all our plane journey to Philippines 3 months ago considering it was his first ever international plane ride that sum-up to 20 hours before our final destination. But thanked God he was truly an angel that slept most of the flight. I was a little worried knowing that it was only me who will deal with tantrums and crying but luckily none of these happen. It turned out to be a smooth and peaceful trip all the way and forth. I may have to conclude that flying is somehow his natural instinct :) He is such a wonderful boy to bring along to a trip and definitely an eye-candy and a very entertaining little one.

Anyway, here's some pic I took on his very first plane seat from Manchester to Amsterdam and from Amsterdam to Taipe then to Manila.p Sure thing is a picture to keep and memories to behold!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Learning Stock Market trading

Our economy is undoubtedly shaky and it is just normal that we care about survival. Yes, it is the common worries that everyone's facing at the moment but there are certain ways on how to overcome this crisis. We, especially parents are worried about our kids future and how we can provide the best of life they deserve such as good schools. Other worries we may have is how we can afford our mortgages and other basic needs. It won't be a surprise if many of us thoughts of investing. Well, it is like gambling therefore we have to know how to play it. We must learn how stock market trading works before we start throwing our hard-earned money. As we all know that we are in the midst of crisis and losing money is the last thing we want to happen, right? So, it is always best to know proper procedure on how to trade stocks online. Mind you, there is a game stimulator online in where we can learn ways about stock investments. So, I specifically browsed for that virtual sources and glad I found it as it looks so promising. Here's more information so check it out! it shouldn't be that complicated to begin. Apparently, everything is real apart from the money of course and its free to join. I'm definitely signing up and so should you! There's plenty of room for us all to learn. Who knows this could lifts our financial status in the near future. Remember, the sky is the limit so let us dream big!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Cutie little Commuter

We normally commute when hubby is away. And good thing is my little one loves taking a bus. As I said he is an explorer, traveler and adventurer. Again, he entertains other passengers by singing out loud, waving and saying hello. Not only that, he is also very polite to everybody by simply giving his cutest smile as well as please's and thank you(s). The cutest thing is when he says, ''thanks for the ride' everytime we get off. Ah, these things may be small but it sure makes me proud. Here's few pictures of him on the bus :)

Friday, 15 March 2013

Management Software

Print Management Software is just another thing I fancy to have really. Yes, I can't seems to have enough lists of things I am hoping to get. It's truly endless and it isn't helping with our our financial status haha. But looks a very useful software to have, right? I am thinking more of the husband really since his birthday is coming up soon. I don't know what to get him unless I'll ask and investigate what he currently wish to have. I'll bet he will find this management software boring but though I notice for his work that he kind of need one. And it is useful for any business that you may have. Having said that, me and my friend will start our online business soon after we finish sorting it out. Hmmm not a bad thought after all...

La vie est belle (indeed)

(click image for larger view)
This young fella made me super proud. Why? Because he is completely dry and out of nappy/diaper for months now. I know that he's growing up so fast and I'm quite sad about it but hey ho. Also, he's started joining play group about a month ago and it is only every Thursday and to make him use to the idea of going to school and for the meantime we are searching a local nursery school for him to go to until he is 4 before he join in Reception at his siblings school at 4 and a half or going 5 years old. I have about roughly 2 years to make the most of my little one before he goes completely independent :( I'm not ready to let go my babies but sadly they are growing so fast. That is why I am spending my time with him at the moment as well as sorting out my papers so that I can enroll in a certain course then look for a job soon as baby Will start full time at school. Yes, very busy me and I'm loving it really. Oh, took my exam last Monday and yes, I passed and now processing the main papers as well as sending out my Provisional license then I should be ready to start schooling. Yes, I'm on the roll and thanks to the mightiest CREATOR/GOD who made all this things possible for me and for giving such an amazing husband who is so supportive from the start. Life is indeed beautiful! :) x

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Nearly done...

Sorting out packages and other paper works lately and few things I found while digging and organising boxes are tv stand, cables, nail clippers, cameras and flat mounts manual that we have been looking for months since we move in this new place. Good thing I've decided to have a go and open those boxes from the attic during my spare time in between studies. Now, I noticed that most of the stuff we kept are rubbish and needed to be thrown away. Few things that are still useful so need to kept it but have to buy those storage boxes that have compartments in it so that it won't mix-up anymore. Oh boy, so much stuff in the floor and all rooms are still full of clutters but soon it should be mess free. Just waiting for my storage boxes I ordered online and yes that flat mounts manual was the thing that we specifically look for. So glad we found it!

Best Family Dentist

Alright this is the continuation of my post regarding my kids dental check-up from my girl's blog,  ( http://princesskath2001.com/2013/03/kids-dental-plan.html ) and the details that I wan't to share about my 7 yo old son's first crown. He needed one because the tooth that has decayed will not fall out until he is 12. The dentist recommended to have a crown and he seems okay with it. In fact, he loves having a silver tooth, lol. Other thing that concern us is that, he is under observation for a braces. We will know it for sure in the next 6-12 months. Still we hope that he will not need one as it will cost a fortune. Anyway, we are glad to have found the best Dentist in town. We will have our hygienist in few months time and so looking forward to it. We will each have a cleaning session and it's my most favourite thing at the Dentist. I love my teeth being clean and my kids love it too. So, can't wait for out next dental appointment. Hubby had his done few weeks ago and more appointment to make soon. 

Friday, 1 March 2013

How to look for a good School?

When we first knew we are moving from South to North first thing we thought was to search a possible school for the kids. Not that many to choose from I would say in the place where we are moving to but nevertheless still a good thing to  do. Fortunately, one of those few choices was a great school. We  didn't hang around to finally have a tour around the area so, we went and see it as early as we could to meet the head teacher even if it was still a year ahead. Just as well we did it as we found out that we need to be relocated 6 months earlier than plan. Definitely, doing that school searching wasn't that bad idea. We specifically looked for a private school with a good reputations, with a complete facilities, friendly surroundings and most of all, academically brilliant! And that's what we exactly see and observed at  Rydal Penrhos and made them stand out among others. Yes, just to prove it right, the kids joined in last year summer and their first day report back home were they had an awesome time. We were surprised how they settled in so well in just a week and made friends too. We couldn't have chosen a better school for them, really. And as for the parents, they seem so friendly compared to the kids previous schools back in South. Yes, choosing schools plays a big part of our children's life. And the worries resumed until they go to University. That is why it is better for the kids to be in a good school earlier on as it gives them the opportunity to get into good Universities later in life, like Verita's Prep for instance. That I know because I read and watched through VeritasPrep gmat review. Reviews like these comes really handy because it''l give you that precise details you are specifically looking for schools. Digging further information about schools and their feedbacks really helps. It is like shopping online, we tend to go for the product that is highly recommended by other buyers or to the seller that has 100% positive feedbacks, right? So, its the same thing when looking for School, Colleges or Universities. And the more you research, the better. Good school and good education guarantee a much better life! 

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