Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Best Family Dentist

Alright this is the continuation of my post regarding my kids dental check-up from my girl's blog,  ( ) and the details that I wan't to share about my 7 yo old son's first crown. He needed one because the tooth that has decayed will not fall out until he is 12. The dentist recommended to have a crown and he seems okay with it. In fact, he loves having a silver tooth, lol. Other thing that concern us is that, he is under observation for a braces. We will know it for sure in the next 6-12 months. Still we hope that he will not need one as it will cost a fortune. Anyway, we are glad to have found the best Dentist in town. We will have our hygienist in few months time and so looking forward to it. We will each have a cleaning session and it's my most favourite thing at the Dentist. I love my teeth being clean and my kids love it too. So, can't wait for out next dental appointment. Hubby had his done few weeks ago and more appointment to make soon. 

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