Friday, 15 March 2013

La vie est belle (indeed)

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This young fella made me super proud. Why? Because he is completely dry and out of nappy/diaper for months now. I know that he's growing up so fast and I'm quite sad about it but hey ho. Also, he's started joining play group about a month ago and it is only every Thursday and to make him use to the idea of going to school and for the meantime we are searching a local nursery school for him to go to until he is 4 before he join in Reception at his siblings school at 4 and a half or going 5 years old. I have about roughly 2 years to make the most of my little one before he goes completely independent :( I'm not ready to let go my babies but sadly they are growing so fast. That is why I am spending my time with him at the moment as well as sorting out my papers so that I can enroll in a certain course then look for a job soon as baby Will start full time at school. Yes, very busy me and I'm loving it really. Oh, took my exam last Monday and yes, I passed and now processing the main papers as well as sending out my Provisional license then I should be ready to start schooling. Yes, I'm on the roll and thanks to the mightiest CREATOR/GOD who made all this things possible for me and for giving such an amazing husband who is so supportive from the start. Life is indeed beautiful! :) x

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