Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Nearly done...

Sorting out packages and other paper works lately and few things I found while digging and organising boxes are tv stand, cables, nail clippers, cameras and flat mounts manual that we have been looking for months since we move in this new place. Good thing I've decided to have a go and open those boxes from the attic during my spare time in between studies. Now, I noticed that most of the stuff we kept are rubbish and needed to be thrown away. Few things that are still useful so need to kept it but have to buy those storage boxes that have compartments in it so that it won't mix-up anymore. Oh boy, so much stuff in the floor and all rooms are still full of clutters but soon it should be mess free. Just waiting for my storage boxes I ordered online and yes that flat mounts manual was the thing that we specifically look for. So glad we found it!

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