Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Significant trip (first international flight)

I may sound bias but my son were so good in all our plane journey to Philippines 3 months ago considering it was his first ever international plane ride that sum-up to 20 hours before our final destination. But thanked God he was truly an angel that slept most of the flight. I was a little worried knowing that it was only me who will deal with tantrums and crying but luckily none of these happen. It turned out to be a smooth and peaceful trip all the way and forth. I may have to conclude that flying is somehow his natural instinct :) He is such a wonderful boy to bring along to a trip and definitely an eye-candy and a very entertaining little one.

Anyway, here's some pic I took on his very first plane seat from Manchester to Amsterdam and from Amsterdam to Taipe then to Manila.p Sure thing is a picture to keep and memories to behold!

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