Thursday, 18 April 2013

Online food services

We live in a place where almost everything are convenient. Beach, mountains, restaurants and pubs as well as play parks. But despite all these we still have moments when we don't feel like doing anything at all. It's when food home delivery comes handy. Oftentimes we call for Pizza's but other times we get in the mood for Thai and Chinese. But the problem sometimes is finding leaflets, telephone numbers of specific restaurants that do home delivery. Domino's was our fave when we feel like having Pizza's and as well as the Papa John but unfortunately it is not available where we are. So, been looking out for new inspiration online and found out about the TastyKhana. I'd love to try this out as it looks really good and promising. Oh well, maybe I have to find out their locations services available for home deliveries. Don't we all like good online food services? Well, I do and it's the most important factor customers are looking for.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Through curiosity I managed to research all sort of things tonight. Aimless browsing from one site to another and came across with this thing called pneumatic sensors. I don't exactly know the exact usage of this but it sounds like hubby's sort of thing to buy. I might show this to him to find out all about it. He is most fascinated with gadgets, electrical and as well as DYI thingy. Like, how he buys cables, fancy chargers and headphones impulsively, bad as me buying clothes from sales even I don't really need it, just for the sake of buying. You know what I mean? Oh, we have loads of cables unused, I tell you - it is becoming an obsession already. Though, I must say that it is quite useful at times especially when everything seems so easy to get damage these days. Well, everyone has obsession and it happen that hubby's one is about electrical. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Will's first Bubble Works Ride

It took us over 3 years to finally take our little one to the Chessington World of Adventure. But it was the right time for he enjoy and appreciate the rides more than the other two ( big sister & big brother) especially this Bubble works. He absolutely love it and hearing his giggles was such a total joy. We even decided to take him to this bubble rides twice. He certainly had the best time of his life. He was the happiest child around and it was so priceless! Here's the official photo taken on the 2nd round.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Dream Uni for my kids...

As I've mention earlier on in my previous post about my daughter's school reports and how she maintain a good marks over the years despite of all the school activities she is involved. Yes we re proud of her and that we hope she carry on being the top of the class, in that way she can easily go in to these good Universities such as Cambridge and Oxford. If she ever get a place to these well known Uni I would be the proudest Mother in the world. When that time comes I would be happy for them to have a personal help as they study like for instance a Uni tutor. How I'd wish there is such a New Jersey tutors whom offers that sort of help and surely in other parts of American too. Aren't Uni kids lucky to have them? Oh, you can actually check out further information about VarsityTutors online and as well as in LinkedIn, that if you happen to have an account there. Their services caters individual varsity tutoring. And what more, they even handled kids from the best and well known University in American like Harvard and many other more...Doesn't it sound so promising? As my personal view, kids will do great if they get assistance in between their studies. Their future lies on a good education! Well, that's what I believed anyway.

Easter Sunday (Egg Hunt)

With few friends over it made our Easter even more exciting. Sunday, we had BBQ, after the egg hunting. Kids were as always happy and satisfied finding eggs around the garden. It was lovely day with a sun shining through the day. And it was also the official start of the British summer so it turned out a perfect Easter celebration we ever had. Here's a sneak speak of our Easter. More pictures later...

Monday, 1 April 2013

K's Milestone all together

Princess K just bought herself an iPad 3 from the money she saved-up since Christmas. It's a total sign of maturity not to ask anything expensive from us but instead save-up for it. Now, she is starting to save on violins because next school year she might start a violin lesson along with her piano. Her teacher in music told us how she is so enthusiastically rehearse for their concert and showed her effort to learn during lessons. That itself is promising enough, right? Well, studying musical instrument is not that cheap after all but the thing that she showed extra effort is enough for us to say that she's worth it. Love the way she get involved with musical group at school despite of her many other school activities. She somehow managed to keep it all at once as well as maintaining a good academic results. We are a proud parents as always :)

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