Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Dream Uni for my kids...

As I've mention earlier on in my previous post about my daughter's school reports and how she maintain a good marks over the years despite of all the school activities she is involved. Yes we re proud of her and that we hope she carry on being the top of the class, in that way she can easily go in to these good Universities such as Cambridge and Oxford. If she ever get a place to these well known Uni I would be the proudest Mother in the world. When that time comes I would be happy for them to have a personal help as they study like for instance a Uni tutor. How I'd wish there is such a New Jersey tutors whom offers that sort of help and surely in other parts of American too. Aren't Uni kids lucky to have them? Oh, you can actually check out further information about VarsityTutors online and as well as in LinkedIn, that if you happen to have an account there. Their services caters individual varsity tutoring. And what more, they even handled kids from the best and well known University in American like Harvard and many other more...Doesn't it sound so promising? As my personal view, kids will do great if they get assistance in between their studies. Their future lies on a good education! Well, that's what I believed anyway.

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