Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Through curiosity I managed to research all sort of things tonight. Aimless browsing from one site to another and came across with this thing called pneumatic sensors. I don't exactly know the exact usage of this but it sounds like hubby's sort of thing to buy. I might show this to him to find out all about it. He is most fascinated with gadgets, electrical and as well as DYI thingy. Like, how he buys cables, fancy chargers and headphones impulsively, bad as me buying clothes from sales even I don't really need it, just for the sake of buying. You know what I mean? Oh, we have loads of cables unused, I tell you - it is becoming an obsession already. Though, I must say that it is quite useful at times especially when everything seems so easy to get damage these days. Well, everyone has obsession and it happen that hubby's one is about electrical. Nothing wrong with that, right?

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