Friday, 17 May 2013

Proud of my Nephew

All sorts of cheap music recording software I came across while browsing today. It reminds me of my brother's son who turned 12 yo last week whom love music. Bro is apparently going to enroll him Violin as he is already good in playing guitar and keyboard. Plus he has a voice of an angel too which is a great package for a teenage boy like him. Besides all his music affairs he wonderfully maintained his grades and stayed being the top of the class. So for that I think he deserve a reward, a violin since it is what he asked for months now. And oh, who knows one of this day his Dad will eventually buy him this recording software. Ah I can see a good musician in the making. Proud of him and hopefully he carry on what he love doing. But of course, education must still be the top priority. 

Spread Love

'Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.' - unknown

Again, another beautiful and powerful words to live by. Love life come what may and that is what we supposed to be. All we need is love and the rest follows.

This was our simple day of hearts celebration. We stayed at home and did a small food preparation. Something different from we normally do during this day. Thanks to my cuties for the surprises and as well as to my one and only Valentine, forever. I have never felt this love on hearts day nor celebrated it before I met him. 

A possible keyboard for K...

Ah, I might have just found the perfect keyboard for my big girl. This akai mpk49 looks so durable and a real beauty. Also tons of buttons to play around which is exactly what my daughter needs especially her grading is  fast approaching. I have read all the feedback and it seems so positive which helps a lot when buying things online. I still have to show this to my girl of course before I commit such amount. After all, it will be hers and hers alone therefore her say does matter. Well, based on the customer reviews it is a good keyboard and the picture shows what we really want to see. We can always return it I supposed. Anyway, if any of you out there have bought and tried this keyboard please let us know if whether it is a keeper or not. Thanks 

Motherhood Role

"The joy of 'Motherhood' comes in moments. There will be hard times and frustrating times. But amid the challenges, there are shining moments of joy and satisfaction." M Russel Ballard 
Exactly said and I couldn't agree more. I love my kids and there are moments that I get frustrated but joy always overpower that emotion and yes it is such a rewarding job and wouldn't swap it for the world. My kids makes me laugh often that they made me angry. I love them to bits and they knew it. That is why sometimes, they use it as a weapon to get anything they want. Yes, they have me wrapped around their little fingers. Cheeky but cute... 
Photos taken on the month of February, during the Pancakes day. As you all can see, the 3 of them wanted to get involved with the pancake making and that they're sulking mode situation were one wanted to do all the job rather than helping each other. But again, in the end love over power and they were able to control their temper and dealt the job nicely without having to argue and fight. It is always possible if you try. You got to love them always!

There is no role in life more essential and more eternal than that of motherhood.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

A great Apps for kids

With the numbers of educational kiddie apps I have installed in my iPad 'Miffy at school' seems to be the best of all. My kids are definitely loving the opportunity to play at the same time learning through this apps. Like the rocking building blocks, creating your own cards and the memory games. Not only that, because as you carry on to Miffy's story at school not only you'll  learn a lot from it but you can also help Miffy with her sums, writing, singing and drawing. And when you all thought it's getting to an end then comes the reading and recording category where you can read a story and record your own voice - which made this apps extra amazing! I highly recommend it to any kids out there.  Don't wait, get this apps right now! For only £2.99 it's worth it!

Enjoying the moments

Certainly missing the sunshine we had few weeks ago but good thing that I was able to enjoy it through as I know it won't last. Predictable, yeah? Well, there is no certainty in this world, this I know and therefore we should always enjoy and make the most of it. Enjoy and savour every moment of everyday as we will never know this could be our last. 

Anyway, here's my little handful enjoying the beautiful days we had riding his trikes. He loves switching her wheels around. All hand down from his big sister, big brother and cousins. Lucky boy, huh? The joy of being the youngest - most love and spoiled, right? 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Before hitting Summer...

This is the time of the year again where we spent most of our time looking for that whole summer revamp in the house - be it in the garden, conservatory or a new patio gazebo that could be a great use for this season. As we all know that the summer season is the most awaited one where people tend to make a big preparation for it. Like numerous people hitting the gym to achieve the summer body doing all sorts of exercise and dieting so by the time they hit to the beach they have that body to show off and why not? If it makes you feel happy then go for it. As for me, I wan't nothing more but a gazebo for my little garden as I plan to host a summer BBQ party with close friends. What about you? What are your preparations for the summer? Care to share?

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Easter 2013 (Egg Hunting)

Here are more pictures as promised. Sorry it took me this long to post as I'm super busy. I'm usually just doing post and run - that's us why I can't normally get back to all of your messages, comments and likes in my blogs, FB and Instagram. But I thank you always for sparing some time to take a peek on my updates. xxxx

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