Friday, 28 June 2013

Propose business...

I'm pondering on checking out the best crate amps at musicians friend tonight. Well, I'm not yet sleepy so I'd take advantage of my wide awake soul and turn it into a good use. Since I've discuss my friends for a possible joint venture I had a thought that maybe we should directly invest to a quality gears. Well, I'm now giving out a little hint of what might it be but as I've said it is only a plan and no possibility that we will pursue it. We might change our mind and create something new instead. It all depends with our credible financial sources of course, lol. Stay tune if you are keen to find out 😉.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Swimming progress

I'm honestly very proud of my 7 year old for the vast improvements of his swimming. Knowing that he only started having lesson late last year, once a week. He can now swim confidently with both back and front stroke. As I've shared a video on their swimming Gala in my FB when he won against his best mate. Ah, he is much happier, active and gain a lot of confidence over this year. Worth every penny we spent! xx

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