Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Great Reading apps

I am grateful to have found this great 'write to read' apps added to my kiddie apps installed in my iPad. It has been couple of weeks since I had it and my kids truly enjoyed every bit of this app. It maybe too complicated for my 3 yr old as I think he is too young for this app but my 7 yr old certainly had the most fun creating his own story book with this app. I have been looking for apps like these for him to at least not spend his entire summer holiday playing electronic games. Educational apps like this are truly helpful in many ways for my son's reading, spelling, writing and to the extent speaking. Plus, it's also fun especially picking pictures to go in the story. Ah, I personally recommend it to any parents out there.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Planning a London trip...

Pondering to check about this studio foam who knows it might be something of a great use for my kids music lessons? Anyhow, I should get off now and get ready. Oh no, I only have an hour and we should be heading to the train station. Please can anybody drag me outta here. I'm like glued to my computer and I have been here since this morning browsing and doing work at the same time. When it comes to musical instrument I can get hooked to it quite easily. Speaking of music, me and my friends are planning to go for a musical theatre in London. Just us girls, no kids and no husbands! Thought its perfect date to end the summer holiday!

Royalty Picture...

Picture of my kids below are taken at the Royal Yacht Britannia exactly where the Royalty took their picture. Well, not exactly really but similar.  Cute, right? I love how it relate to the Princes photos. Yeah, something for their photoalbum to keep. Motherhood, eh?

When there is no other choice...

I really don't have that much time to sit around here in the computer but free bankruptcy consultation got me so interested after I accidentally clicked through the link. At one point I'd like to dig further information about this so that when I come across with bankruptcy I'll know where to go. Some people chose to declare being bankrupt but some hated the idea. As for me, if there is the only choice I am left with then I'll do it and take my pride down. There is no shame in admitting you are bankrupt and again you can always stand up to your own feet and start all over. Life must go on but always take the lesson with you. Spend wisely and save as you can!!

Beach bums at the West Shore

Beach is where our heart is!! Aweee, this summer we have all the time in the world for the beach. Everyday is warm, sunny and beautiful! I couldn't be any happier! The kids enjoyed as much as I do and its perfect place to kill summer time. Not that I want it to end soon but hey, mother nature knows best! 

Who to call?

When you have little ones in the house I think its best to have a wooden floor. Carpeted as such as mess unless you are willing to pay extra amount of cash to have it professional wash and clean by carpet cleaners durham nc and likes. But if you are struggling with the budget then I suggest take a wooden floor vs carpeted. Carpeted as such a hard maintenance to keep it as immaculate as it first installed. Quite depressing to see once its stained and hard to remove too. Anyway, lucky to those who can just hire someone to do the hard job. The joy of having extra cash, right? Professional carpets cleaners are quite handy when you are selling or renting a property. Without a doubt they are the people you'll need for keeping the carpet cleaned.

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