Monday, 28 October 2013

Meeting the well-known Author Michelle Paver

Note: I'm not being paid to write this...just so its clear ;)

This post in long overdue as it happened 3 months ago at the Ancient Mine when my kids met the well-know author, Michelle Paver last August 7 2013. Didn't know they'll feature my son but here he is while asking for Michelle's autograph in her newly out books the 'The Burning Shadow'. Also they feature all of them at her video. Grabbed few of the photos at TV Conwy. First pic is taken from my own camera and the last two are from the website. The kids really enjoyed that day and looking forward to read all her books. It was indeed a fun day!

photo credit: TV Conwy

photo credit: TV Conwy

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Awesome personalised mobile skin/cover...

Wow! Still in awe for this new cover I got on my iPhone5 couple days ago. I ordered it via online at wrappz and it arrived the next day. Yes, that quick! I am totally surprised how prompt they dispatch my order. (👍👍) And, it perfectly fits, no more no less! I love that my cover has the love of my life photos in it. And for that, I am able to carry them with me wherever I go. Yeah, it was fun to put together the 2 of my fave photos and adjusted just the way I like it. It's a pure delight! I am so much in love about my customised mobile skin. And to tell you, there are more exciting custom products available to any mobile unit or brand and to any picture and design or collage of your choice! Not only for mobile though but as well as for tablets, kindle, computers, laptop and etc. I really love the idea and since I got some vouchers to spend plus a BOGOF offer I am thinking of ordering another personalised cover and this time for my husband's phone as well as a customised skin for my daughter's hockey stick. It's pretty amazing, right? So why not get yours too. This can also be an ideal presents! 

Sum-mer...sum-up 1-2-3!

Summer maybe over but memories last forever! This years summer was truly epic. May not be fancy to  many but for us it certainly gave us that break we wish for as a family. Being able to spend time with families, strolled over parts of Devon and discovering more of the Jurassic coast natural beauty always amazed me.  Free accommodation by my parents in- law definitely helps our budget. We forever grateful to have such family who are very accommodating and helpful in many ways. The kids had so much fun bonding with grandparents & cousins. 

Here are our first 3 days outings: Beach, garden & classic car show! In this holiday the kids were in gadgets restrictions. So more running around, playing around, reading and interacting for them. No electronics are much more fun, physically! 

Uh, we were indulged by my mother in-laws home cooking. All delish, fresh and healthy meals thrown at the table. We were all spoiled! xx 

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