Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Sum-mer...sum-up 1-2-3!

Summer maybe over but memories last forever! This years summer was truly epic. May not be fancy to  many but for us it certainly gave us that break we wish for as a family. Being able to spend time with families, strolled over parts of Devon and discovering more of the Jurassic coast natural beauty always amazed me.  Free accommodation by my parents in- law definitely helps our budget. We forever grateful to have such family who are very accommodating and helpful in many ways. The kids had so much fun bonding with grandparents & cousins. 

Here are our first 3 days outings: Beach, garden & classic car show! In this holiday the kids were in gadgets restrictions. So more running around, playing around, reading and interacting for them. No electronics are much more fun, physically! 

Uh, we were indulged by my mother in-laws home cooking. All delish, fresh and healthy meals thrown at the table. We were all spoiled! xx 

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