Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Just do what you think is best...

Every parents or mother in this world should always put their kids health on the top priority. Providing nutritious meals for them is necessary. But failure is enivitable. Like myself, I tried harder to be the best mother I can be. I've research or googled whats the good food to prepare and whats not. But looks like everyone have different views of what is a good and bad. Just lately I've applied and introduced juicing for health to my family. A week later someone came up and said that I have to be very careful of fruit juices as it can trigger diabetes. Fruits are too sweet and sugary therefore I have to mixed it with veggies, especially greens. So I did! After few weeks, another article I've stumbled across and talking about how smoothies and juicing aren't at all good as you think. Not only that, also they've also expressed their views about whether a low fat food/sugar free drinks such as yogurt, cola that we buy in the store are not good either. Yes, its rather confusing! But anyway, I'm against to all fizzy & cola drinks. I only allowed my kids to have it if there is an occasion like birthdays. Without a doubt, nutritious food are difficult to define. But if we just use our common sense it should come out as more veggies and fruits, right? No frying and less sodium! Well, I will just follow what my heart says and what I believe is a good food. Yes, I have to avoid using too much soy and salt. I hope that from now on I can maintain and prepare a healthy household. Fact of the matter is that, no matter how much we are careful of what we eat, or what we served in the table and what food we avoid , it still won't be perfect. If in doubt we can always rely on vitamins. Ah, I used to buy all sorts of kids multivitamins but I stopped it for some reason. Luckily my husband brought home some of my favourite kids vitamins back from his trip in Cambodia. But haven't really started giving it to them yet. Having said it all, I might check San Antonio vitamin stores and see what varieties they offers. As much as I'd love my munchkin to have the best of things that life can offer, I also want it for myself. After all, being healthy and fit myself means I can take care of them easily and happily. We must show them how to love and care for each other and one day these simple gestures will also be applied to their own kids. Love begins at home!!

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