Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas at home (better late never) xx

Here's our simple Christmas day celebration at home. As a tradition, we had roast Turkey and it is one huge one that reached through new year and even couple weeks after [laughed]. Oh, we made bubble and squeak on boxing day too for the very first time and we all loved it. Apart from that, the traditional gift giving also happened and of course the grand visit of the Father Christmas. Firs thing in the morning, we heard my youngest screamed with excitement soon after he saw his stockings filled with goodies and yelling these words..Santa came, Santa came!!. It was priceless! Surprisingly my eldest still believes Father Christmas too. Oh well, who wouldn't? But of course we all knew the real reason of the season and that is what matters. 

Our day went exactly like this...Church, went home and had the kids opened their presents from us then we started cooking for our Christmas lunch. The next day, again as a tradition we were eating the left over. And then went to spent the rest of the year with my in-laws the day after.

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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sweetest and selfless act

Marriage should age like a fine wine, the older it's gets the better. I once dreamed to have a man who's eyes are only for me and no one else but God granted not only that because he has given me the most amazing guy on earth. Who treat me like a queen every single day. Who's love and sweetness to me grows deeper and deeper. A man that never fails to surprise me and took his responsibility so seriously not only as a great husband but as an awesome Father to his children as well. He is the man that every woman dream to have but luckily God gave him to me. Like this morning, after he dropped the kids on the way to his work, he came back and as he opens the door I asked why he came back? He then replied, because he love his wife so much and I was like very sweet. As he enters in our living room (where I am sitting) he handed me these things, milk, bread, brioche and cheese. He simply can't go to work thinking that we have no milk in the house. So very thoughtful of him. It's little things like this that contributes hugely to a happy relationship. I am one lucky wife and that without a doubt. 

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Back & Forth...

I'm nagged right now by my kids as they wanted to go home for tea. I'm here at our old place for some internet connection as we don't have wifi in the new place yet. Looks like I am coming back and forth until we got our internet connection in the new house. Today, I just have some  important thing to research before hand and harbinger ha60 is one of them. Ah, December is definitely the busiest month for us and I'm sure for everyone else too. Well, holiday season is coming up and we want to prepare for it as smoothly as we can. So, if I don't get back before I'll safely say ' Have a wonderful one'. Stay warm always! xx

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