Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sweetest and selfless act

Marriage should age like a fine wine, the older it's gets the better. I once dreamed to have a man who's eyes are only for me and no one else but God granted not only that because he has given me the most amazing guy on earth. Who treat me like a queen every single day. Who's love and sweetness to me grows deeper and deeper. A man that never fails to surprise me and took his responsibility so seriously not only as a great husband but as an awesome Father to his children as well. He is the man that every woman dream to have but luckily God gave him to me. Like this morning, after he dropped the kids on the way to his work, he came back and as he opens the door I asked why he came back? He then replied, because he love his wife so much and I was like ahhhh...how very sweet. As he enters in our living room (where I am sitting) he handed me these things, milk, bread, brioche and cheese. He simply can't go to work thinking that we have no milk in the house. So very thoughtful of him. It's little things like this that contributes hugely to a happy relationship. I am one lucky wife and that without a doubt. 

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