Thursday, 28 February 2013

Seafood Allergy

It took us 3 years to finally know what our little guy is allergy of and it's the seafood. He often has this skin irritation all over his body since birth and all this time we thought he is allergy of nuts but we speculated it wrong. Just 2 nights ago when I noticed after he had half of the salmon fillet when he felt drowsy all of the sudden and gagging out then his eyes were swollen and so red. Plus, he was sneezing endlessly and itching all over. I could see his skin irritation got worst before it got any better. I panicked completely and rang my husband in Kenya to let him know and ask his help on how to deal with his allergy. Then he told me to calm down first and should ring NHS direct. I was totally paranoid and was out of control. Who could possibly look at a child in that pathetic situation and stay calm? First thing came in my mind is to dose him with Paracetamol then I realised I had bought this allergy medicine a while back when he had similar situation. So I gave him those as well as Calpol and also gave him a bath to wash off all the fish contact on his skin. Oh gosh, I was nearly having heart attack, I tell you. I'm really a nervous person and I'd panic before I can even think of any solution. Thanked to my husband who's always there for me - I don't know what to do otherwise. Even if he is away he's always making sure he is reachable as he knows how useless I am when it comes to stuff like this. Anyway, the medicine made him all better and thanked God for this healing power. Well, his breathing got a little better soon after he had the Piriton but his skin irritation stayed pretty much all night especially his left eye as it was still visible when we he woke up. So, never again I let him taste salmon or other seafood nor touch it. He disliked seafood anyway - he just ate because he copied his big brother. There were few times when I forced him to tasted of the fish meal I cooked and noticed that he really felt sick afterwards - so, should have took it as a clue but it didn't really occur to me to think that way as I was so determine that his allergies are from nuts. How wrong was I? Now I must be careful with him as he is my fragile little baby. Looks like we have to top eating seafood :( Duh! Just when I started my seafood diet.

Here's his picture few hours after he took medicine - yes, that bad that is why I was so scared!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

When Will and Testament matters

Not everything is as easy nowadays considering that web internet application is widely used. You'd thought this would make our life a lot easier and simpler, right? NOT! Because the fact is, there are still web processing that takes longer than we can possibly imagine or is as complicated as doing it personally. Do you know what I mean? Like applying for passports, driving licensed and other important documents. We'd thought that by doing it via online it will consume less time. But don't get me wrong, as there are also online services that totally excel beyond words and are always trying out their best to give their customers a happy and satisfied services. Bare in mind, that nowadays what counts the most is that, the quickest and the less complicated the better. And of course the most secure way when fixing or preparing  our important life documents. Well, I've heard that the texas last will and testament offers this kind of services and even making sure that everything will be possible to their clients. What I mean is that, they offer a secure, fast and affordable service to people who want to get their will and testaments in advance and it can be all done via online. You can fill-up forms or answer the questionaires online then they'll send your documents via post as quick as they have promised. And not only that, they also made sure that all your documents are well written and prepared by the best law firms in the state - that, without a doubt! Yes, they certainly made it all easy, affordable and secure! So, get yours done now or inquire as soon as possible. It's always best to be all free and ready just in case things happen unexpectedly. 

The day he officially learn how to cycle

14/Feb/2013 - it was Valentines day when my 7 yr old finally learned how to ride a 2 wheel bike. Since my husband was out working, I thought of taking my 3 little dates for a cycling session so they were all geared-up as quick as 1,2,3 so off we went to the promenade. Big girl was on her best chosen cycling outfit and so are my boys. My 7 yr old never really  knew how to ride in a 2 wheel bike but so glad he was determined to learn that day. And proud to say that he learn just after and hour of practising and considering it was his first time attempting to cycle in a 2 wheel. I kept on pushing him to the extent of not have a chance but to balanced-out. That's how he exactly learned! This picture shows how he improved the second time/day he went on this bike. I'm so happy that his determination won over his fears and doubts. Now, he can officially go cycling with us anytime!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Wireless Electric dog fence

Thanks to another glorious weather today that made me so productive. I was able to do lots in the morning with the house chores and ran errand in the afternoon with my little guy. Took him for a good 2 hours walk to the town and we're able to popped in at Home bargain to see if there were anything worth buying for my box (package) to Philippines. And unexpectedly saw this wireless electric dog fence and thought of my mother's dog back in Pinas. She could actually do one of this fancy dog fence so her dog will not be able to harm people who pass by. Few incidents happened and my Mum had to pay for rubbish injection and other cost of medications. So, I think it is best to invest for an electric dog fence. I'll sure go back there one of this day then I can ask if there is any stock left. I wasn't sure if I buy one today as I need to raise this idea to my mum first and know whether she is happy to do this.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Christian's 7th birthday

It doesn't seem that long ago when I popped and given birth to this very handsome baby named 'Christian' and look how grown has he now? Still can't sink in that he is already 7 year old. Oh my first born son is growing so fast! Here I made a collage from birth to his 7th birthday. Time flies indeed! In no time, he'll be teenager! Anyway, on his 7th birthday we did a small family celebration only and hoping that we can still organise a late birthday party for him sometime soon. Maybe when it is nice and sunny day, spring or it could be a summer do. Ah, still looking for ideas and places for venue as well. My boy deserve to have a quite reasonable party ;) Soon...

Friday, 8 February 2013

How your bedroom looks like?

Just the other week I been swapping bedrooms around and rearranging beds. Our guest room now turn dressing room is still full of clutters and I'm hoping I'll be able to finish organising it this weekend. My son's room will now turn guest/laundry room as he is sleeping with us in our room at his own bed. Little one still in our middle and don't know when he grows out of it but just have to savour while they are still young enough to spend and slept with their parents. I'm sure not all of the parents out there will agree to this but for us it's just the matter of enjoying their babyhood. Anyway, talking about bedroom set-ups I kinda like this one in the picture as it is soothing and the ambiance is as perfect as I'd picture to be my bedroom in the near future. Soon as we get the boys out in our bedroom we will change everything into a romantic warm theme like the picture shown above. The bed frame is pretty stunning, the lightings and how it simply arrange. Simple as it looks, no more than one ornaments. I like it that way. For more bed frames and bed/bedroom ideas click here and it will lead to various of choices. That is where I am going to get ours in the future. Oh, must have memory foam mattresses as like we have now or maybe will keep what we've got and just replace the bed frames. How would you like to arrange your bedroom? Feel free to share your ideas...

Friday, 1 February 2013

Secure your Mobile

Android Security is now offering this special mobile security devices so that your phone will be safe from this threats. Protecting gadgets is not so common in my household but I was wondering it for few months now. Like me, who carelessly browse through any websites online without hesitation that it could be a threats to my phones, tablets or computers. There are times that I don't even stop clicking links despite of a possible virus threats. So, regardless of the cost I think it is always best to get my mobile secure from any phone virus attacks in the future. Yes, androids has finally come to this promising solution that will definitely secure your phone for as long as you like. With all these mention, this thing does not consume much of your battery, it also uses a tiny bit of CPU resources so, it shouldn't change a thing to your phone but rest assured everything will be protected including your personal information. Isn't it cool? Yes, indeed your phone deserved some real security!

2 of my kids are sleeping over tonight

Yes, my older 2 are sleeping over tonight at their friend's (school friend's) house. K's one were planned as usual and besides it is her 2nd sleep over since we moved her in Wales but C's one is as spontaneously done, lol. Supposedly, he just go for an afternoon play right after school but we got text from his friend's Mum earlier asking if it's okay for him to stay in the night? Why not? It's Friday and he kinda likes spending time with his friend too playing mindcrafts and etc. And again it is his 2nd time sleeping over as well. Only drawback this time is he hasn't got any pajama's. Oh well, they said, they could lend him. Anyway, K will be home later tomorrow and C will be home earlier. Ah, missing my kids already and I know I have to get use to this idea for soon they'll hit teenagers they're gonna be spending some nights away from us. Well, not only me who misses them but as well as their little brother. He sure misses his 'Kuya' and 'Ate' :). Yes, it is quite usual for our house to be very quite for this time of the night as I normally heard them shouting, fighting and crying. Oh well, no matter how malikot my kids are still want's to have/keep them 24/7 if I could.  Anyway, did some photo editing before bedtime and thought of sharing it here...

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