Thursday, 11 July 2013

A friend's lovely Thai restaurant

Finally visited a friend's Thai restaurant. Ordered, tom yum, tom ka, thai noodles, sweet and sour chicken and few other dishes that I forgot what its called. Anyway, we enjoyed every single bit of it and planning to go back sometime soon with some friends. Though a little expensive but the taste of the food were all worth it. I love the table set-up and the entire arrangement too. It was neatly and beautifully decorated. If you happen to be at Old Colwyn then you should give it a try...
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Monday, 8 July 2013

Prep Completion - Speech day & Awarding xx

As I proud mother, I'll shout to the world how happy I am to see my daughter whom marched towards the stage (2 days ago) to received her special awards in arts and academic excellence. It only seems yesterday when I pop this 8 weeks premature baby girl and look at her now! Time certainly flies and I'm just so proud beyond words. I was holding my tears because there were so many people around but deep inside I was beaming with pride to see my little girl accomplishing the first step towards a brighter future. This we couldn't have done and afford by just ourselves without any assistance by my in-laws. Thanks goodness for their help! My kids is in better and promising institution because of their support. I can't thanked them enough.

At the memorial for speech day and awarding...

at the church service - first comer or first to arrive ;)

should have chosen the front seat, didn't know it gets too full quickly :)

at the school's very own church and hymnal book

at home before going to her speech day - looking lovely as ever 

of course, we have to have some picture together, lol. 

take two!

take 3!!

countless time of takes, lol.

school end-of-term magazine...
And along with a great school report, we even felt we did the right thing in sending her to a private school. Straight A's apart from her French, Religion and Music. Ah, these maybe look small and little to others but for us it is already a huge success and our sacrifices pays off!
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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Lovely customised Royal Keyring

Finally got this lovely handmade customised keyring the other day. My little one is as happy as me upon seeing his name along with a birthdate that are beautifully written in this gorgeous piece of Royal keyring. I simply love it! Oh, you can get it at btw. They can do all sorts of personalised gifts such as necklace, bracelet, keyring and many more...Visit their website for a better justification yourself! xx 

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A boy who loves buses...

Not too obvious, is it? How my little one loves buses? Yeah, he can never get enough of it and every single time he see a bus he'll get so excited about it. I don't know where he got it from but he definitely love buses - be it rides, toys, strolling at the high street, shopping - buses are what he noticed most of the time. Crazy over it and oh, he even got quite a few of buses collection already and for sure one of this day I'll be sharing it here in my blog. Why not? After all this blog is all about them ;) xx

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