Thursday, 27 March 2014

The 'no' teacher in me...

can never be a teacher and that's a fact! It's a very challenging job that requires a lot of patience. And I don't have that, even a bit. I don't know what's wrong with me but teaching my kids has never been a success. They end up crying most of the time and that's because I have no capacity of praising them in their little achievements. I somehow forgot that they are only kids. Like right now, with my youngest as we started our tutoring session of the day, he's already crying because he don't want to do it. Tutoring them has become a battle. The thing is, when I'm too soft they don't listen and when I'm too hard they cry and end up so upset. So glad that education here starts as young as 3/4 years old. And so, my youngest is soon to join at early years and as much as I want to keep him home I think he's better off learning at school. Being perfectionist does not help either! Don't get me wrong I don't let them study more than 30 minutes a day. Not even everyday only whenever we are in the mood. And I notice that they'll lost interest even before we will start. With my little one, I am trying my best to be more patience, understanding and a less of a nag and I can see the difference, he is learning better even if we only do 10-25 minutes a week. The reason why I'm seriously teaching my youngest this time it's because he starts school later than his big sister and big brother, Yes, my older two both started as early as 2 and a half. So, Will has a little more to catch up with his soon-to-be classmates. Anyway, here's his little achievement so far. He can write his numbers, recognised and count up to 100. He can also write his first name, and know and write all letters in the alphabet. Well, I'd be more generous if I say that he is learning the addition up to 10 but we are trying and he can do it with a bit of help. But I think it is way beyond his age. He can certainly do the Phoenics sound but can't read yet, only recognises some words. Well, I am proud and always will. And I'm also proud to say, that both of my older two are doing so well at school even with my unsuccessful tutoring at start. And yes my husband is right, there is no need to push them too hard just to be ahead of their classmates, kids learn at their own pace of time. Kudos to the teacher and to the school! It's a money well spent! xx

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