Sunday, 18 January 2015

Priorities and Commitments

Sometimes, as parents we are willing to sacrifice a lot of things to put our kids need first as our top of priority. This is what we called a 'selfless love'. Like how my husband works really hard in order to give the best for our children. To be able to provide them the best education they can possibly have and because we believe that independent school are a lot  capable of pushing/supporting kids in all aspect of learning by setting goals and for not giving them a choice to laze around but instead make them do their works to stretch their ability in both academics and sports. For this very reason we decided to send our kids to one independent school. Costly but so worthy. It's the only thing they can kept to themselves when we're gone. Another factor to consider that can be accounted to their future achievements and attitude towards life is the environment they are exposed to, everyday. Knowing that they are in an Independent school is an enough assurance for us parents that our children are in the good hands. For all of this to continuously happen we set priorities and commitments meaning we set aside what we wants i.e. traveling or globe trotting can wait until the kids are all finish their studies. So, whenever I felt like giving up (or being selfish) I have these very reason to remind me prior to why my husband is working so hard. Yes, I would love him home every single day and night. I'd love to travel with him one day too if time permits but for now it isn't in our lists of priorities to do so unless of course if we hit the lottery jackpot by today or tomorrow but until then I'm afraid my husband will be away from us most days of the weeks or weeks of the months due to his work obligation which requires a lot of travelling halfway round the world. It is hard from both ends and it only get worse each time he's going somewhere and sometimes it may even involve a lot of tears from children that are struggling to cope (not just a day or two) without Daddy at home to hug before and after bedtime. Although, technology made things easier these days as you can exchange communication in just a matter of minutes whichever part of the world you may be. Thanked God for the genius mind behind mobile phones and of course the network service availability which makes us feel a little closer to our loved ones even if they are on the other side of the world. This is also when networking sites appeals to me the most such as Skype, Viber, Facebook as it provides an easy access to families who are miles away from each other due to work commitments. Anyway, this is just pure documents not complaints, [winked]. I'm too blessed to be stressed, [laughed]. 'Always create a positive mind' is my motto! May God be blessed and protect us all everyday!! xx

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