Thursday, 20 August 2015

Back posting...

Documenting our whereabouts have been one of my fave of things to blog but failed to do so for the the past two years due to the lack of blogging motivation and also my studies have took over my free time. Yes, I went back to college. I started last year Sept 2014 and it had been a hell of a journey but a tad bit proud of myself for pushing it through after many years of just talking about it.  

Anyway, my aim in here is to regain my blogging mojo so I should be updating this blog often, that if my studying will not hinders me to do so again. I also want to carry on of what I love to do, photography, at the same time. Capturing and sharing my kids growth is what started me in blogging after all. However, this year I have been so idle about taking proper photographs. My DLSR is just sitting at the right corner of the house covered with dust and webs. Is it safe to blame the mobile phones? I certainly hope not! Should be up to me after all. 

Oh's some selection of photos I took from the year 2014, before mobile phones have completely took over. Ah, just really reminding myself how good DSLR photos are. Without a doubt, DSLR take a much much better quality photos than any mobile cameras pics. So, here's a series of photoshoots from the year 2014 starred by my one and only William, my model material boy!

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