Thursday, 10 March 2016

But, I won't do that!

Do you find it hard when you are living in a house full of conservative people?...

Like when you are wearing something like this in the house and your 10 yr old son looks at you like you've committed a murder and left you speechless with rhetorical question saying, "Mummy what are you wearing?" My face was like 😠. Their father-influenced to them are extremed, no doubt! Debated whether to carry on just to annoy them all or change? Alright they've won as I've went for the latter 😏. Although there is that saying that says "Be yourself" but still, it didn't work.  Well, its debatable really because and one point you say yes I won't change for anybody in this world. But when you become a mother everything changed including that because we will do anything for our kids, don't we?  Oh wait a minute, there is that song by meatloaf "I'd do anything for love" (but I won't do that)? In that case, remaining to be me is fully justified, lol. 
One more pose? For picture sake!! 😅😅 love you kids!! 

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