Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Our Wedding Anniversary

Today marked another year of our marriage. Thanked God, we managed not to kill each other all these years. Yes, it is our 13th wedding anniversary today 08.06.16. In case you will ask what we did today as our celebration (or may not) still I will narrate it here anyway. We got each other a present (though mine arrived missing an important piece but never mind - it's the thought that counts),  a stacker for my husband and a rayban for me (though only the case survived the shipping). We do hope amazon will sort it out soon. Yeah, no fancy dinner until everything is sorted into our new home (if we find one of course). It's a little bit stressful anniversary as both my husband and I are loaded with works. So most of the day today are spent working the completion of my research project. We did it! Thanks to a genius husband - he's definitely a God's gift to me! It's a happy anniversary indeed! Life may not always be a bed of roses but with a very supportive, understanding and most loving husband like mine then life is worth living! 
a dozen of red roses are more than enough to make me happy. 😊❤️❤️❤️

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