Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Mama's Family visit in UK

Just made a slideshow of my mum's first UK visit which she stayed almost 6 months. It was our first Family visitor visa granted but only for a 6 month period [April-October 2016]. The main reason for her visit is to see her grandchildren which she never really see for years. Not only that, we also want her to see how life is like in here. Squeezed as many places as we could especially the capitals for her bare eyes to see. We toured her around LONDON and Cardiff and fair do's to her she walked like she is only at her teens [though I was so impatience at time]. This was her first ever out of the country trip and she extremely did well without any fuss. She was mesmerised by the greens and freshness around here that even at the middle of the capital there are mini forest you can see, gardens and benches to relax in-between walks. The many quaint sites of UK were clearly enraptured her the whole time we were walking around. To see her eyes full of wonders like that whilst enjoying the views around London was indescribable. It was like showing a little kid around for the first time. I was truly grateful that this bucket list is now ticked. It's a dream come true! This is a one in a lifetime experience and it was truly priceless therefore I am so thankful for the husband and my sisters who have made it all happen. We are honestly proud of her for flying all the way from Philippines to UK and for staying with us despite of my mode swings but she was so patience, unlike me. I really do hope that she enjoyed her time here with us because I know for sure that she can't wait to go back to her own space in Cebu. Thank you Mama, this is a memory to behold! Happy Mother's Day! We love you to the galaxy far far away and back! :) xx

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