Wednesday, 20 September 2017

When another Academic year is about to start...

Welcome/Goodbye September! Well, it maybe too late to welcome it as it is already passed the middle of month but expect a slower response in this neck of the woods, always. Anyway, terrifying to know that I have now an year 11 child, year 7 and year 3. How fast have they grown? Scary! Having said that, what scare me the most is myself going back to Uni as Year 2, believe it or not I surpassed the first year of my degree course. Whoop, whoop!! However, I am dreading to start this year because I know it's not going to be easy but in contrary. It is rest assured to be more difficult so I decided to switched-off any form of social medias from now on to stay focus as I really need to. The only place I update you of our happenings (maybe not always) will be here in my blog. So stay tune if you want to know how's year 2 treating me. Though I have a suspicion that it is going to be challenging than ever thus virtual distraction is restricted. Summer is sure fun but the drawback was that I did not do any advance reading at all. As much as I want to but distraction took tool on me. Anybody can relate? Talk about procrastination and yet to the highest level  so if I ever struggle this year's modules and exams then there is no one to blame but myself for not setting aside time to pre-study. Degree courses are sure not easy but with the right approach, right attitude, self-descipline, determination, belief and hard work in mind then these will lead you to achieve a better marks and that is what I'm going to do starting right now, right here (sounded too sure, right?).  What I have also in mind is how far I have come and that alone is another way of motivating my inner self. Anyway, I wish everyone a not-too-cold Autumn season! xx

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